Zuzu And Sasa Children’s Book Series

Zuzu and Sasa Children's Book Series



Conceptualized by Hamamat Montia, founder of Africa Eats Now, travel and philanthropy drives Zuzu and Sasa’s experiences. Africa Eats Now is an organization that works to alleviate malnutrition. All proceeds will go directly to the organization. The Zuzu and Sasa children’s book series seeks to improve literacy and works to make AEN a sustainable organization.

montia_1Zuzu and Sasa is a narrative of two Ghanaian sisters who unpack culture, lessons and discovery on their adventure throughout the African continent.

This literary project is a 24-part book series with stories crafted to educate, promote self confidence, improve literacy and self-awareness for children. Hamamat Montia, founder of Africa Eats Now is set to launch Zuzu & Sasa, a 24-part children’s book series, which tells the story of two Ghanaian sisters whose adventure throughout Africa unlocks magic experiences, lessons on self confidence, culture and history. Montia will conduct a city-wide book reading tour during the month of March.  The tour will kick off with a soft press launch on 8th March where the first book of the series “My New Baby Sister” will be released at the International Press Center.













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