Africa Eats Now - Avenor

Avenor 26th June, 2015



On June 3rd 2015, Accra was hit by heavy rains which caused serious floods and a fire where lives and property where lost. Avenor, a densely populated suburb of Accra, was one of the affected communities where flooding caused vast amounts of property damage.
Africa Eats Now promptly trooped to Avenor on our quest to touch lives and make an impact. Being aware of the standard of living in addition to their misfortune, we felt feeding the children wasn’t so much an exercise as it was our duty in these circumstances. It was the least we could do to lessen the burden of the parents and guardians in the area.
The turnout at the food distribution was once again overwhelming, over 300 children were fed and even a few adults couldn’t resist queuing up for a taste of our sumptuous meals. 
Bringing smiles to the faces of children, some of who lost their homes and nearly their lives in the flood a fortnight before, was more rewarding than we could have imagined. When we glanced around and saw how our goodwill had sparked excitement in the area, it inspired us to do more and give more, to go beyond our schedule and our very borders and bring hope, food and joy to deprived areas all around Africa. The quest continues.”





People Fed.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers