Afric Eeats Now - Nima

Nima - 22nd June, 2015



In most of Africa, eating together has always been a traditional part of growing up and good food has always been a celebration. We love to cook and share food amongst ourselves. No matter where you’re from, food can always bridge the gap between strangers and family. Africa Eats Now, in support of this tradition, decided that once a month, we would bridge the gap between deprived communities all over Africa and ourselves. Our hope is to set up soup kitchens in these communities to help keep children from going to bed on an empty stomach.

Ghana being our home base, our hopes of seeing fewer deprived children on the city streets naturally took first flight in Accra. Our maiden free food outreach took place in Nima, one of the more underprivileged areas in Accra. Touched by the poor living conditions and large number of underfed children in the area, Africa Eats Now selected the community specifically because not only did we want to feed the children, but we wanted to make a difference by instilling within them, a mindset that they too could be whoever they wanted if they chose to, in spite of their community and the hardships they faced.

Nima regularly suffers from insufficient provision of basic amenities, housing, running water, electricity, and sewage systems but the community continues to grow with a majority of their number being children.

Inhabitants received Africa Eats Now with joy as some of the women volunteered to join in cooking for the children. It was a joyous occasion as almost 500 children trooped to the event to fill their tummies filled with delicious meals. Being our first major free food outreach, we were pleasantly overwhelmed by the turnout, love and acceptance from the people of Nima.


Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers